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Ceramic Tile for the Honey Heater

Originally, I used an 8" x 10" ceramic tile for the honey heater. This sits underneath the support stand and just below the two appliance bulbs. All dimensions for the support base have been geared around the tile's dimensions. However, as I've built honey heaters for friends recently, I've found it increasingly difficult to find these sized tiles. Tiles that are 8" x 12" are much more common. So, if you find and decide to use this sized tile then you need to change the dimension of the back stretcher on the base to allow for room for the tile to fit inside the base. This simply adds two inches to the that one piece and pushes the outer walls and lamp sockets out with it. The dimensions of that piece are now 2x10.25. WIth the larger tile this dimension will now be 2x12.25. This is much easier to do then to explain. If you get the tile before you start cutting your plywood for the base you'll see what you need to change.