Honey Heater Construction
Honey Heater5

Start off with an Igloo MaxCold 70 Roller

Honey Heater2

32 x 8.5" piece of plywood for base and shelves

Honey Heater1

Completed base

Honey Heater3

Bottle Shelves from scrap

Honey Heater16

Use the ceramic lamp bases on the right

Honey Heater7

Ceramic Lamp base

Honey Heater3

Lamp bases attached to base

Honey Heater4

Hardware cloth on top of base

Honey Heater6

Pre-wired Ranco ETC Controller

Honey Heater12

Ranco ETC Temperature Controller

Honey Heater7

Attaching the ETC to the cooler

Honey Heater8

Run wires around the back

Honey Heater14

The back completed

Honey Heater9

Temperature sensor inside lid

Honey Heater10

Wiring the base

Honey Heater13

All set to go

Honey Heater11

Don't forget bottom heat shield and heat sink!

Honey Warmer4

Metal heat shield on top of base to catch drips

Honey Heater15

Completed honey heater